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Company News

Festivals We Attend 
2015 Obetz Zucchini Festival. We set up a booth their every year and show our local support. We pass out awesome information about our tattoo specials and sell piercing jewelry. 

We gave away $1000 in tattoo work !

That is right we are giving away $1000 In tattoo work ! Listen to 99.7 The Blitz And hear our New commercial and stating Oct 7th we are sponsoring Ronnie Hunter on here Mandatory Metallica Show. 

We are opening a new website 

Our new website will be called It will be a place where people can come and tell their horror stories from getting bad ink from home tattoo artists ( i say that lightly) or artists in a shop. It may not help you much accept for venting your frustration but we want to warn other people not to make the same mistakes that you did by going to such scratchers....

Our New And Improved Rewards Card Program

We have completely revamped our rewards program. Now anytime you come in and get a service performed or send in a friend to have a service performed we will swipe your rewards card and you will get points added. In return you will be able to use these points to buy some really cool items from us including tattoo and piercing work.
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