friday the 13th flash pg

Friday The 13th Flash Art Page

Here are some of the $13 Tattoos we are offering on Friday the 13th at all three of 
our 22 Caliber Tattoo Studio Locations. We are making more each day and as they roll out we will post them here.
Rules :
- You can choose as many as you want. but each of them are $13 plus at least a mandatory $7 tip each.
- Walk Ins Only No Scheduling
- 2 to 3 color max ( Up To Artist )
- Once you are out of the chair you wont get back in sorry ( high demand and all)
- You can bring your own design but it has to be approved by the artist.
- Anything bigger than a 50 cent piece will not be considered a $13 tattoo and you will be charged at least the shop minimum.

If you want a bigger tattoo please feel free to schedule with one of our fine artists.


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