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                            Black Friday Sale !
Black Friday Sale Details : Sale Starts Nov. 24th & Ends Nov.27th
Huge Savings !
Black Friday Double Value Plus 
  Gift Cards Are On Sale Now !
  PayPal Not Required To Buy !

 Thats right folks its that time of year again we are in the holiday spirit ! We are in the giving   mood !
So not only did we double the value of our tattoo gift cards but we took it a few steps further. You are not going to find any other deal out there like this one !!!!

so here is the deal you ready for this ????

if you buy a tattoo gift card for $300 we will double the value making it $600 And give you an extra $50 Now its $650 Merry Christmas !

If you buy a tattoo gift card for $500 we will double its value also making it $1000 And a bonus of $100 thats right now you are at $1100 !!! Try that Santa !

If you buy a tattoo gift card for $1000 We will double its value to which makes it worth $2000 and we will just straight give you and extra $150 Stuffing that stalking at $2150 Bucks !!!

Merry Christmas 

All gift cards are good for one full year if not used in that year they will only be worth what you paid for them. 
they are none refundable, non transferable and cant be sold. we will not honor them if we catch this.
Gift cards are first come first serve basis when it comes to scheduling the appointment for them. 

On  Black Friday A Button Will Appear You Will Click It Which Will Take You To The Page Where You Can Buy Them... 

You Will Also Be Able To Buy Them, Directly On Our Gift Card Sales Page.

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