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New Email Gift Cards - Worth Double Value!

Here you go folks !  We are always trying to make it super easy for our awesome clients to get access to our  Sweet tattoo work...
Now you can email one of our DOUBLE VALUE TATTOO GIFT CARDS to that special Someone !

Give the gift that truly lasts forever. 

Terms And Conditions
 Simply Click The Link Below

How to Redeem The eGift Cards

                             SCROLL DOWN FOR HOLIDAY GIFT CARD SALES !

 Ho Ho Ho ! It's that time of year again, so why not give the gift that truly lasts forever? Give the gift of Tattoos & Piercings ! We are giving you a gift from us, we are doubling the value of all our Gift Cards until Jan. 7th 2018 ! You're Welcome ! Once you buy one we will mail your gift card directly to you or you can stop by either of our two locations and pick it up. 

If You Want It Mailed Out Please Leave Your Address In The Message Area Of Your Purchase Thanks...

You can buy one for yourself or buy one for a friend or family member. Or buy multiple Gift Cards and use them through out the year ahead. 

Buy A general one or buy one from your favorite artist.

Our New Gift Cards Are Also A Rewards Card And You Can Earn Points That You Can Use For Free Services.

- They are good for one full year.
- Can not be used until after January 1st 2018!!!!
- Non Transferable 
- Non Refundable
- Can Only Be Used On Services.
- Can NOT Be Re Sold. (If We See Them Online Being Sold They Will Be Deleted)
- They will be put in the persons name who is using the gift card.
- Just like any other special we offer these can also not be used with any of our other specials.
- All prices are decided by each individual artist at the time of the tattoo or consultation
- Limited To One Gift Card Per Artist Per Day Per Transaction.
Terms And Conditions

You Do Not Need A Paypal Account To Purchase Through Them. Just A Credit/Debit Card.

Using Paypal to purchase Gift Cards there Is no sign up or log in necessary.


Piercing Gift Cards & Smaller Purchases

Here We Sell Smaller Gift Card Amounts For Piercings, Piercing Jewelry And Aftercare Products. They Can Not Be Used For Tattoos.

Piercing Gift Cards

Use Drop Down For More Amount Options.

Tattoo Gift Cards & Larger Purchases 

Here We Sell Larger Amount Gift Cards For Tattoos, Tattoos Services. They Cant Be Used For Piercings, Piercing Jewelry Or Aftercare Products. Double Value !

             $50 Gift Card Worth $100

$75 Gift Card Worth $150

$100 Gift Card Worth $200

              $150 Gift Card Worth $300

               $200 Gift Card Worth $400

                $250 Gift Card Worth $500

             $300 Gift Card Worth $600

           $350 Gift Card Worth $700

            $400 Gift Card Worth $800

           $450 Gift Card Worth $900

          $500 Gift Card Worth $1000

          $550 Gift Card Worth $1100

          $600 Gift Card Worth $1200

         $650 Gift Card Worth $1300

                                              $1000 Gift Card Worth $2000

 if you are in need of a bigger amount please let us know email us at twentytwocalibertattoos@yahoo,com
or stop by one of our three locations.

We are taking donations for Children's Hospital And The Mid Ohio Food Bank to help the less fortunate this Holiday Season. We have set up drop boxes at all three of our studio locations and are in need of Un-wrapped toys and non perishable can goods. We could use your help with a cash donation as well. After all we understand people are busy with day to days and don't have time to go buy these items. Below we set up links to help you help us with our cause. Please feel free to donate whatever you can afford to do. 

You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to use your credit card / debit card to make a donation.

Thank You...
       For A Donation To The Mid Ohio Food Bank 
                       Please Use This Button
                                  Thank You
                      For A Donation To Children's Hospital
                                    Please Use This Button
                                              Thank You


We are not like other tattoo shops. Most tattoo shops only accept CASH sales. We however want you to have every oppertunity to get the ink therapy that you long for. We accept cash, Paypal, Apple pay, and all major credit cards.

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